Remember Remember the 1st of November

So, today we did Murph.
You may be looking down at your hands right now. The raw, painful, unsightly flaps of skin has you wondering why you let us talk you into doing this to yourself…
Well, let’s look at it this way, nothing will be harder than that. It only gets better from here. In case you didnt know, Murph is a fitness qualifier for the SWAT team. So you average Joes and Janes were able to do what extremely above average law enforcement do. Big pats on the back.
I didn’t rip my hands but I can feel heavy fatigue and know I’ll be very sore, so know that I feel your pain!
November is here guys so that means it been 4 weeks since checkpoints and another 3+ weeks befroe the next one. Keep on keeping on with the resolve to beat all your checkpoints across the board.
10 minutes Double under practice
10 minutes Handstand practice
6 rounds  100m Row Sprint

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