resolute |ˈrezəˌloōt; -lət|adjectiveadmirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering
This describes many people at the gym. Carmen comes to mind. She’s lives in Northridge and makes the a God-awful commute to the gym several times a week, often going to rugby practice afterward. She is undeniably fierce.
We could all be a little more purposeful, determined, and unwavering. Some of us could be a little less. What I mean is that sometimes we need to take it easy and listen to our bodies. I know I say this a lot. We want to take our bodies to it’s limits but we don’t want to get hurt or burnout. So don’t think going lighter or a bit slower (for the sake of perfecting technique or avoiding injury ) is something to look down on. It’s necessary sometimes. So take that same resolve and give your body what it needs, even if it’s a night off or lighter weight.
Conversely, if you find yourself often doing the workouts as RX’ed or repeatedly doing the same weights for certain exercises, kick it up. Throw a wrench in the engine and add some weight to the bar, throw in the weight vest. Whatever. Just do something that will leave you once again (and your body) guessing.
Note## NO NOON CLASS TOMORROW But there will be an 11am class. This is short notice due to a final Ed has (wish him luck).
Find your 1 rep Turkish get up max
30 Sec L-sit
30 Sec Bar Hang
30 Sec Squat
30 Sec Handstand hold