Rest Day For Me!!!

First time since the start of my rugby season that I have worked out three days in a row, and let me tell you, I feel like a million dollars right now!!! I am looking forward to my day of REST tomorrow! 🙂
Speaking of “rest”, some of you should think about that and maybe take a day or two off yourself to let that hot body of yours recover from all the damage you have been causing. As important as it is for you to work out and kick your own ass, it’s just as important to take a day to relax and put your feet up. You do not have to sit on your but all day, I’m not saying that but you can go for a light jog, swim, or do a twenty minute STRETCH session (God knows you all need a little of that). I actually went to Bally’s today and did a little stretch session with my amigo Ricky and it was phenomenal. Chew on it, think about it, and make something happen.
Ed Over and Out!
400m Run
15 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
45 Sit Ups
30 KTE
45 Dub Unders
400m Run
15 Wall Ball #20 #15
30 KBS #53 #35
45 Push Press #45
400m Run
*** Oh… and that is George Timothy Rizor “getting some” at HeyDay!!! BooYa

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