Rest in Hell

Workout of the Day:
28 Minutes of Fun
30 On 30, Off Frog Hops
Rest 2:00
30 on 30 Off Jumping Lunges
Rest 2:00
30 on 30 Off Hell Burpees
Rest 2:00
30 on 30 Off Push Ups
Rest 2:00
30 On 30 Off Air Squats (rest in hell position)

A. General warm up
10:00 row/bike/ski
Warm up
2×30/30 DB push press (rest in OH)
2×10 push up @2111
2×5 strict pull up
B. Strength
Complete complex as many times as possible. Add a total of 5lbs after completing each complex, rest as long as it takes for you to load your bar.
Starting Weights :75/55
2 Strict Press
2 Push Press
2 Push Jerk
C. Gymnasty
3-6 Sets
Rep out 60% of your best set of max muscle ups. Rest as needed.
D. Condo
1:00 all out effort on the bike.

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