Rick & Hope, Thanks For Coming Out!

Thursday we had some fire-breathers grace our presence. Rick and Hope hail from… Well, everywhere, but for the time being Sitka Alaska! They’ve been all over visiting different Crossfit gyms and finally got to experience some south bay elite fitness!
They really brought up the level of intensity a notch or two. Great Job guys. Thanks for coming.
Julia, congrats on the Med ball cleans today they really starting to look good. Nicole, your med ball cleans were a work of art 😉
Now, here’s a video Rick told me about. Its satirical piece poking fun,  actually downright ripping apart Crossfitters as being vain, elitist, meatheads. Some are. But vain elitist meatheads like to workout so wherever you see a barbell you can be sure to find one nearby, grunting and shirtless. Most likely, I will be taking pictures of him.
I’m sure this video pisses a lot of people off. I thought it was funny because I’m sure they were trying reeeally hard to offend crossfitters and perhaps went overboard with the profanity. I laughed loud a couple times. We do like to take our shirts off, use unecessary amounts of chalk, eat paleo, and document it all on camera!
Check it out. You will literally find think they are describing us!

My favorite line:

I’m like a [expletive] Navy SEAL and olympic gold medalist wrapped in a [expletive] suit of body armor.

Heres the WOD Complete five rounds of:
500m row for time.

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