Ricky You So So Strong… You Should Fight Crime

So if you were thinking of taking tomorrow off… DONT! Come in so I can help you with your clean.
Tomorrow is purely a strength day, but I may make a little metcon if people are persistent enough…
So back to the title of my post: Tonight Ricky and I went to Balleys, yes Balleys, after are workout at Heyday, to do some power cleans.
After we got there, he warmed up with his jump rope while I did my fitness prescription, then we began doing some power cleans, we did a ladder (it is important to mention that Ricky, in the past, usually did not make it very high up the ladder). We did three rep sets: started with 135, then 155, then 185 (this is where Ricky usually putters out), then I witness something AMAZING!!! Ricky crushed 185 three times no prob bob!
It was an awesome sight! I was both, surprised and impressed.
Ricky’s hip drive and explosion has improved so much since the last time we lifted together. I was very proud to be there and to be a part of it!
So back to the ladder story, I think I was a little premature with my shrine of Ricky, I had forgotten that I put on 205!!! And he did that just as easy as 185. Not as exciting now because I blew the big surprise on 185. But I have an Ace up my sleeve… After we both did 205, I put on the big boy weight… 225… Oh yeah baby! I did three then, it was Pretty Ricky’s turn. I already knew he was going to get it, I could feel it, I could see that he got so much more confident pulling himself under the bar. So he walks up to the bar and every pair of meat head eyes were on Rick and the gym went silent, we were in the moment……………………………………………………………..BAM!!! Rick nails it and I scream and holler with joy like I just won the lottery or like I was just named prom queen or something flamboyant like that! You get the point.
I wanted to share another lovely story with you and let you know that hard work pays off and you guys can literally do whatever you want. You all have so much potential to get what you want and all you have to do is go GET IT!!
Get some…
Your Coach Ed
Power Clean

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