Workout of the Day
A. RDL 10,8,6 (Make each set \”tough\
B. 5×5-8 Strict Pull Ups (add load if possible)
C. Back Squat 1×5 @75, 1×3@85, 1×1+@95 (base %s of 90% of 1RM)
D. 5 rounds
AMRAP 40sec Row for Cal
Rest 20sec
AMRAP 40sec push ups
Rest 20sec
(vary push ups styles as needed)
(week 4 of 6)
A. Perform 1 Snatch at 85% every 2 Minutes for 6 total sets (add 5lbs if you completed at least 5 of the 6 sets from last week)
**Do not re attempt failed sets. Next week you can add weight as long as you complete each set, we will be adding 5lbs a week as long as you successfully complete 5 of the 6 reps
B. Complete:
3×5 Wall Squat
3×5 Goblet Squat
5×5 single leg squat off 20’Box
Work Up to a Heavy 1 rep Back Squat
10×2 Back squat @315/205 (Or use 85% 1RM)
rest 2min-(perform 5 strict pull ups during rest)
C. Partner Wod
P1:250m Row Sprint + Partner Pull across yard (use Spark Bands)
P2: resting then providing resistance for P1
five rounds