You Can See The Determination in His Eyes

“You can see the determination in his eyes…
That’s the way a friend described someone she had just met. She was sure (just as I’m sure) that he’s going places. Once the determination is in his eyes, the learning will take care of itself.
On the other hand, if I can see the fear in your eyes, then I’m not sure that learning alone will take care of the problem. No one can prove that the path you’re on is risk free or guaranteed to work. Searching for more proof is futile. Searching for more determination makes more sense.”
I read this today on a blog and it made a lot of sense. If you find yourself stuck. Search for determination. Search for more reasons why. Why bother? Why are you doing this? When you figure out the “Why” the “How” becomes easy.
Notice Slavka Floored after a workout. She joined us and has been here nearly every day since. I can see determination in her eyes for sure…
Workout De Jour:
AMRAP in 20
400 M Run
Max Reps: Pullup

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