Where Friendship Happens and… Checkpoints.

Check out the following picture from our night out at Ra Sushi where we all got to say goodbye to Tara.
Kaitlyn coined a phrase that I borrowed for this post title: Heyday: Where Friendship Happens!!
So warm and fuzzy and so true! It’s always a lot easier to come get our butts handed to us in a crossfit workout when it’s with people you actually like.
On to other Biz… I want to fill you in on a new measure we’re going to be integrating into the gym in our continued efforts to get you to be the best you that you can be. You understand?
Here goes…

What’s A Physical Fitness Program Need?


Yup. From here on out we are going to implement a new element to the Heyday Physical Fitness Program that will place checkpoints throughout the year.  It’s equal parts kingdom hearts videogame, summit map for your health, and IRS audit. Failed to pay Capital Gain Taxes? That’s gonna cost you…
We are going to place a Checkpoint at various times throughout the year that will serve as litmus tests to your fitness level. Although we have not decided specifically, It will comprise of major lifts and a possible weigh in and other Crossfit fitness performance indicators.
They will be 8 weeks apart during most the year (Spring, Summer, Fall) and 4 weeks apart during the holiday months (November and December) This is due to the indulgent nature of the holiday season and their reputation for helping us find our many lost pounds.
The goal of this is constant improvement. We want everyone coming, improving and so do you. So this is a way to facilitate perpetual progress.
In a nutshell, the checkpoint will be a fitness test you will take which is basically a snapshot of your current fitness level. For the next 8 weeks/4 weeks, given the time of year, your goal is to beat your previous checkpoint by the time the next one comes up again. Hopefully by the end of the year you will beat all of your checkpoints knowing you have improved all year long.
You will have cold hard data showing whether, yet another year of weight gain and lethargy has passed or huge improvements in body composition and overall fitness. The outcome becomes crystal clear and entirely up to you.
– You will always have standard to beat that beckons you to improve. The clarity of where you’re at will make it galvanizing to get better.
– It is Long term strategy for well-being that goes the whole year not a couple weeks ensuring your fitness has staying power.
– This will uproot any habits or tendency for holiday pudge. Awesome will be happening year round for you. 🙂
Checkpoints will end with their own Mardi Gras so to speak. Only rather than before, the feast is after. You can and should celebrate quite gluttonously by having a cheesecake or two if you beat your previous Checkpoint.
We are placing the first checkpoint 8 weeks before Thanksgiving (so you can eat greenbean casserole and pie without restraint on Turkey day) so it is of paramount importance for you to come into the gym the week ENDING Sep 30.
The next will end at Christmas.
Let us know you’re thoughts. We hope this will be a huge leap for the collective progress of everyone training here. Mazel Tov.
Check out this video I came across from author and the hardcore punk band singer Henry Rollins. Not typically a guy I’d expect to get advice for Health and Longevity from but I saw this video and  think his unshakable, intensity and raw passion really make a good point. I always appreciate a little unchecked in your face admonishment like you’ll see here. As you’ll notice he has little patience for complacency. Check it out. Try not to let the expletives offend you.


5 rounds of wouldn’t you like to know
3 x 5 of Come and Find out
Enjoy!! 🙂