Who We Are

Feeling tired, stressed, and Completely Out of Shape?

You’re Not Alone.

Are you a shadow of what you used to be in your Heyday?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Get It all Back?

Are you desperate to somehow get back your younger sexier self but can’t find the time or energy?

Well Friend, We can have to you dancing in front of the mirror again, oozing with energy and confidence.

Your search has ended. We are your guys.

Who are We?

We are a personalized fitness program that transforms busy people tired, unmotivated, and short on time, who once thought their fittest days were behind them, into the fittest they’ve ever been within 3 months.

We use a simple (but not easy) data-driven and proven program dramatically more effective than any corporate gym or its derivatives.

Where did we Come From?

We are 2 Guys who were actually kicked out of 2 gyms for training the way we do.


We almost had to start training people at a McDonald’s parking lot but luckily, others feel passionately about what we do and together we found a home to change lives.

Heyday fitness is a company that emerged from the discontent existing among the hollow “Globo Gym”training philosophies. The kind that makes you think YOU need US. Gyms that sign you up for 3 year contracts and bank on the notion that you won’t come.

Your busy, tired and defeated. You haven’t been happy with the way you looked since… well,

Have you ever liked the way you looked?

Perhaps, but not for a long time. You go to the gym and charge a small fortune to plastic with the hopes that the trainer sitting across from you has the slightest idea of how to fill you with the life  and vigor you somehow lost.

We became disillusioned with that scene and somewhere along the way we stumbled upon Crossfit and our training has never been the same.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is the development of Broad General Inclusive Fitness. We specialize in not specializing and work to increase work capacity across time and modal domains through doing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.

Ok, wtf does that mean?

That was super geeky way of saying we don’t’ “exercise”. We train.

Exercise is what you do mindlessly on a stair master.

Training has purpose. It has utility and function.

It means what you learn “in here” you can use “out there”

We train you to not only look good but get damn good at nearly every physical task life throws at you.

You won’t just look good but if disaster strikes you’ll be prepared. Well…as prepared as to can to be the ambiguous unknowable future.

You will be able to kick off your stilettos and and go into an all out sprint for twenty minutes before you stop to for air.

You will be the one opening the pickle jar.

You will ask the bag boy if he needs help with the groceries when you leave the check out line.

You scale the fence in your backyard without so much as breaking a sweat to get the ball you threw 40 yards away.

You get the point.

Who is Heyday?

Well, here’s what we’re not.

We’re not swiss ball wielding sadists on a power trip. We don’t use bosu balls, thighmasters, or total gyms.

We are here to help you help yourself .

We don’t hold your hand or spoon feed you your protein. We seek to create lasting change in the lives of our athletes, and you are the athlete. Yes, you. We’re here to awaken the inert potential you have lying dormant inside you through physical modalities; to have you look in the mirror and know that you are now, as good as you’ve ever been. You are in your heyday.

To us, the development of will, confidence, inner-strength and personal transformation take precedence over developing your glutes and abs.

If you can learn to shed self-limiting beliefs, fears, complaints and excuses you WILL shed fat, inches, and pounds. But the former must come before the latter.

Heyday provides you with the tools to forge Quality of Life Insurance. To not only grow old but to age with grace. We practice everything. We value and foster lasting relationships that occurs when people dedicate themselves to a common goal.

We seek to provoke growth and excellence in our athletes that reach far beyond the walls of our gym.

Instill Virtuosity in ourselves and in you.

But How?

We are minimalists. We believe less is more. Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Although methods are many, fundamentals are few and that is where we play.

If you want a Completely Free No-Obligation Trial or just want to ask a few questions

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