The Incredible Shrinking Man: 36lb Weight loss. Way To Go Artie.

A Weight Loss Success Story

In the beginning of February Arturo walked in here with the goal of getting into shape for his Sister’s Wedding (the end of this month)
He set out to lose 25lbs at first but has since surpassed that. His quiet resolve is definitely something to admire. He just keeps coming and keeps moving. No talk all walk. Way to go Arturo I can’t wait to see you progress even further. And while at your sister’s wedding, Please don’t be afraid to do pushups on the dance floor.
If you’re like Arturo and are looking to shed excess body fat and lose 40 pounds like he did, don’t hesitate!
I know it can be hard and overwhelming when we think about losing that much weight but when you do it right the results can happen quickly. All you need is the right guidance and you’ll be well on your way to showing a body you can be proud of.

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Ring Dips
Handstand Pushups