Slow Carbs!? The Slow Carb Diet Experiment

What Are Slow Carbs?

Basically, Slow Carbs are those carbohydrates that are digested slower than other politically incorrect carbs.
Typically potatoes, pasta, bread, grains, sweets, and even fruit would not fall into the slow carb realm.
Any white carbohydrate or carbohydrate that can be white is pretty much off limits.
Well these foods, these “Fast carbs” are also called Simple Carbs and they are the culprit behind a slew of ailments that affect our (increasingly obese) generation.
What’s so bad about simple carbs? I thought simple was a good thing?
It all boils down to the speed at which your body converts the food you eat into glucose. All of the carbs mentioned above are converted very quickly in the body.
This is why you can eat any of the aforementioned foods and feel a sudden surge of energy within minutes. Your body is very efficient and converting sugar to energy.
This is of course a blessing and a curse. If you’re in the middle of a marathon or just out and about and happen to feel light headed and low on fuel, grab a Snickers, or a banana, or some Gatorade and you’re good to go.
However, the down side to the easy conversion of simple carbs to fuel is that we often consume such foods when we are not in need of instant fuel.
Sad, but true. At the office, at home after work, on the weekends when we’re kickin back we’ve all found ourselves shoveling down insulin-spiking goodness.
When we do eat something like that, our body gets a surge of blood sugar that our insulin has to regulate. And, If we aren’t engaged in massive calorie consuming activities like scaling a mountain or fighting crime, than our body has one of 2 choices: Throw it out, or save it for a rainy day.
But our dependable metabolisms are very scrupulous with their energy. Thousands of years ago we humans had no idea when this flood of energy would be available again so it saved whatever it got –and such is the case today (except for a small percentage who just don’t store anything).
Yup, your frugal metabolism is looking out for you in case you’re struck with famine.
So how do stop this process????
Eat foods that digest slowly. They enter your bloodstream, not like teenage girls at a Beiber concert, but gradually. Blood sugar trickles over several hours and your body gets energy as it needs it.
That is the theory behind this way of eating in a book called

The 4 Hour Body

The claim is that eating this way will shed your body of un-needed fat and have you feeling great.
So, Ed and I wanted to try it. We got a couple others to try it too. We think we should test things out before we endorse them and so that’s what we’re doing.
For 30 days we are the guinea pigs following the rules and will show you the results. Pictures and all. The post picture is a Photo Journal of the meals I’ve been eating over and over since I started.
I welcome you to try it as well starting in April. Track you progress with before and after shots and give it a college try.
The thing I like about this form of eating is that it is very simple to follow. Oh, and did I mention you get a cheat day once a week to

Eat whatever you want?

To read a bit further on it check it out. 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Diet
P.S. Im also trying this thing called intermittent fasting at the same time so I’ll explain that further in a later post.
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