Something To Cheer You Up

-Erik (the returner) looking buff-
Tonight was a sad/great night, we had to say goodbye to Tara but don’t worry she will be back.
It makes Rick and I feel good to see how much all of you care for each other and how much you all genuinely enjoy each others company and how we have created our own little community. I can not count how many times someone has told me, “You know Ed, I like everyone at the gym, you and Rick have an awesome group of people here”. When I hear something like that, it makes me feel all warm inside. How about you?
What I am trying to say here is that you PEOPLE rock and I feel so blessed to see all of you and to be able to be around all of you so frequently!
Also the group hug that was initiated by Mr. Meadows tonight, most of you know him as the man who looks like a Greek God, was amazing… If you dont happen to see Matt over this next month its because he is taking a month off to train for his triathlon but I am sure he will be gracing us with his dashing good looks and blue eyes that you can get lost in, in not time. 🙂
Come find out   🙂