Workout of the Day:
Right Arm Suitcase DL x8 Reps
Right Arm Pinch Grip FW x50m (blue gate and back)
Right Arm standing Press x6 Reps
Left Arm suitcase DL x8
Left Arm Pinch Grip FW x50m
Left Arm Standing Press x6 Reps
200m Run
** Use a plate for the pinch grip
IMPORTANT: Manage your rest times**** do not take longer or shorter than prescribed.
4×3 Hang Clean Flat Footed Rest
:90 Between Sets
** These will be tough and will put a bigger emphasis on upper body pulling **
Do a few warm up sets before beginning your work sets.
Immediately go into:
4×3 Front Squat @70%
Rest :60­:90 Seconds Between Sets
Immediately Go Into:
5×3 Split Push Press BnK
Rest: 60­:90 Seconds Between Sets
** This is for the jerk foot placement and developing a stronger receiving position, quality here.
Rest 5 minutes
4­8x:10 All out sprints on AD rest 2:30 minutes between efforts.
Rest 5 minutes
4­8x:10 All out sprints on AD rest 2:30 minutes between efforts
­make sure to track max wattage output and calories for the :10.
** That range is there so if you have critical drop off of calories/wattage after 4 sets, you stop and take your 5 minute recovery before starting the next block.
** Lets make sure the AD are out of the way, this will take a while to complete and you may be going into the 6:30 class with this.
Advanced people please be respectful and introduce yourself to the new members in that class so they don’t feel intimidated seeing all you studs.

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