Take Small Steps or Giant Leaps – Just Keep Moving

Some people take on a workout regimen and run with it.
They make huge leaps and bounds and overnight, it seems they are different people. Others have a more tortoise (and the hare) approach. Slow and steady. Incremental progress.
Both are great. If you can make huge changes and stick to them by all means, do it. For the others, I would say just focus on getting a little better everyday. If you keep up with the training, time is on your side.
Time is moving forward, always, and so should you. Don’t let the years continue to leave you with an extra 10 pounds each time January rolls around. Too often we look at a picture from a couple years ago, or dust off some denim from the closet to discover, the person in the picture is a youthful energetic fleeting version of yourself, and the levi’s won’t button.
Don’t be that guy… or gal. Be like Jared, Deb,  Susie or Irma, where the opposite is true. You can ask anyone of them to show you a picture of them from “way back” (and some not so “way back”) and you’ll see that youthful energetic person is not in the picture but standing in front of you. They are clearly better off today than yesterday. And tomorrow, will be better.
Whether you were overweight in the past or not I think this describes all a you’s:

you yesterday < you today < you tomorrow

So ya, just a reminder: keep it up! If only by an inch or two keeping moving forward.
Do 25 Good Mornings (your choice of weight) followed by Max Pull-Ups.
Rest two minutes and repeat for a total of 4 sets.
Complete 9 rounds for time of:

  • 5 handstand push-ups
  • 5 deadlifts (M:225#/W:155#)

Complete 9 rounds for time of:

  • 5 handstand subs
  • 5 deadlifts (M:185#/W:115#)

pic by stuant63