Taking Time to Suck

I read this article today by Lisbeth Darsh.
She talked about using extra time at the gym to do not what you are good at, but using it for suck time. To suck at muscle ups, power cleans, pullups, whatever. Just do it, and do it horribly till you do it pretty well.
She is director of social media for Crossfit Inc. She wrote an interesting post (to herself) reflecting on how she could be a personal Crossfitter. Thought it was worth sharing. Check it out.
How to be a better Crossfitter
Jeff Lords got his muscle up today because he knew he just *had* to get it before going off to Berkley. He spent a little while on it each day and today he got it.
Maybe you should thinking about taking some time to suck. 🙂
Split Jerk

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