Teaching and The Prescription – A Faster Way To Get Better

Crossfit is often described as training for any random task. Meaning we train to obtain a level of fitness that makes you best prepared to perform any physical task that you may encounter  in life.
However, this does not mean we train randomly. You may have noticed that you have done the workouts here for some time, but some movements /exercises are just not improving for you.
What this means is the training for ANY random task means: identifying that task that is holding you back most from a “ready for anything” level of fitness.
And zis is where the prescription comes in. Today, I assigned about 5 new prescriptions. I want you all to have one so I will be giving more.
The prescription is what you should be doing EVERY time you workout here. It’s tailored to you and if done will propel you forward, so take us up on getting one.
Even here it can be easy to fall into a comfort zone. So, ask yourself if you are moving forward here, and if not, come to us and set a goal that will catalyze progress for you again.
Expect to get one in your next workout but before then, ask yourself what movements you feel you truly suck at, or dread. This is likely the very thing we need to crate the right prescription for you.
It’s not necessarily what you are worst at, but rather, what one thing would make the biggest difference in your fitness level if improved. So think about it.
And If you got 3 minutes to spare for a little inspiration, check out the video below (especially you teachers). It’s about teaching but I think it’s pretty relevant to anyone. I know it is, for me and Eddie as coaches.
Gets me all hyped up to assign prescriptions to all of you! 😉

Hand Stand Pushup
Front Squat #135/#95

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