Thank You Princesses

Yesterday nearly 50 people donned Tutu’s, Tiaras and Tinsel to support Rylee Totman’s battle with cancer at the Princess WOD.
Thank you to all of you who came, supported or donated. We had a great time with you all. We are blessed to be able to do what we love and achieve something positive along the way.
Workout of the Day:
A. EMOM x 8 Hang Power Clean 2 Reps (work to a heavy double)
B. Back Squat 3×6 (first 2 reps @22X1, then 4 regular) 70-80%
C. For Time: 50 DB Lunge (both legs) + Clean + Press
A. Snatch
Work up to a heavy complex of: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 1 OHS
B. Conditioning
Teams of 3:
3 Rounds for Time of:
75 Front Squats. Avg body weight – taken from the ground.
50 Bench Press. Avg body weight
C. Row
5k Row Not for Time

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