The 5 Best Running Trails in San Pedro

Cardio is an important part of every workout routine but it is not always the most enjoyable! It takes not only physical strength but mental strength too. Sure, jamming to your favorite tunes helps but once your breathing gets heavier, it gets harder. So, we have compiled a list of the 5 best running trails in San Pedro for you and your brain. These running trails are easy to moderate with unbeatable views and scenery to keep you occupied every step of the way. Each trail offers some personal flexibility whether it be to shorten the path by turning around when you desire or adding an extra loop to really go the distance. A list with an option for every type of runner from the added inclines to a smooth stroller path!

Ocean Trails by Trump National Golf Course

Trail Level: Moderate
Distance: 5 miles round trip (approx.)
The Ocean Trails are mainly known for easy hikers but the well-walked paths make it easy for runners as well. A trail that will take you on vacation as it’s surrounded by green, floral filled nature and ocean views this 5 mile round trip run will not disappoint. A few inclines throughout the trail will give your run the extra challenge and variety it needs. The paths are easy to follow as there are plenty of signs to give you smooth turns at each corner. Take a rest stop at the halfway point and take in the beautiful blue ocean. Click here for a park map to find your way – choosing from two easy, free parking spots and starting points!

Fowler Trail in Friendship Park

Trail Level: Easy to Moderate
Distance: 1.4 mile loop
Let’s consider this running trail to be a better, scenic version of a track and field! A 1.4 mile loop trail that takes you through the oh so green Friendship Park providing you with splendid views over San Pedro and the ocean along your run. With some short inclines (and declines), you’re bound to break a sweat. This scenic loop is perfect for all distances as you can complete a short run with once around or build up several loops for longer distance, you pick. We recommend packing a post run snack and enjoying the park’s picnic area to take in the views a little longer.

W. Paseo Del Mar via Point Fermin Park

Trail Level: Easy
Distance: 3 mile round trip
An almost 5K has never been so easy! A straight shot down the coast and back with magnificent views over the ocean to keep you distracted with every step. Take advantage of the free parking and green space in Point Fermin’s Park for a warm-up or cool down and head west along W Paseo Del Mar to take in the views until you hit White Point Park to turn around. For those looking for a little more distance, add an extra mile by taking the Grassland Loop Trail within White Point to turn you around. A path that gives you great views at any time of day but our favorite is sunset.

Harbor Blvd via 22nd Street Park

Trail Level: Easy
Distance: 3.3 mile round trip (or less, you pick)
Sail your way through any run with a run along one of the largest ports in the world! A trail filled with many distractions as the ships pass through the Main Channel the just over 5K run will seem like a breeze. Start in 22nd Street Park with a quick half mile warm up and then continue down South Harbor Blvd through San Pedro Plaza Park to take in the views of the LA Waterfront and the historical USS Iowa Battleship. When you hit the World Cruise Center do a quick turn around and head back to take in anything you might have missed along the way! A flat paved path suitable for any runner.

Peck Park

Trail Level: Easy
Distance: 3 mile loop
Peck Park offers something for everyone – basketball, swimming, running, walking, picnics and more! A place to get a full workout circuit of your choice. For the runners, hop on the 3 mile trail and enjoy an easy run over creeks that run through the Park Peck Canyon and take in the native flowers and luscious green surroundings! Plan your trip wisely as this is also the local Cross Country team’s trail some days throughout the season. A community trail stamped with all running levels approval!
There is no better way to explore all the unbeatable views that this coast town has to offer than going for a quick or long nature run! The best runs are the enjoyable runs that make time seem to fly by, we have no doubt that one of these trails will get you there. If you are looking for additional cardio options or a way to add strength into your workout routine, be sure to check out our San Pedro Gym as a workout addition. A community feel gym that offers you everything from social, class options including a San Pedro CrossFit Gym to one on one San Pedro Personal Trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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