The Art of Crabbing (The Healthy Habit Being Un-Realistic)

Have you heard of Viktor Frankl?  He survived the Holocaust, living in death camps. He wrote about his experiences in an Uber popular book called Man’s Search for Meaning. He investigated the commonalities between people who were able to survive and endure the Holocaust and some of those who perished.
Watch the brief video and watch him explain the term “Crabbing”, a term used in Aviation, and see what it means for you…

Oh… and by the way, if you feel compelled to help and support the recent tornado victims, I have a link for you.
290 people died in the past few weeks and several homes were lost.
If you want to help through Disaster Relief here’s a link to the Red Cross
4 Rounds
400m Run
12 Dumbell Push Press
15 Box Jump
18 Double Unders