The DC Brawlers (New Class Changes)

Today professional athletes from the NPFL came to workout at Heyday!
They’re the DC Brawlers and at present they are undefeated. Awesome group of people and amazing athletes.
Schedule Change:
** NO 7:30 Evening Classes**

** We are adding a 4:30pm class to Thursdays. 4:30 class is Monday – Thursday now.
Workout of the Day:
AMRAP 35 Min
200 Single Jump Rope (Stop every 25)
100m/arm Farmer Walk Single Arm (HAP)
10 Walking Lunges with FW Weight in Goblet Position

Muscle Snatch 6×1 (rest :90 between sets, work up to a tough 1 rep)
Non Heaving Snatch Drop 4×3 (as heavy as possible here)
Halting Snatch Deadlift 3-Position 5×1 (1 inch off floor, patella, mid thigh, then lower it to the floor).
** These are meant to help you learn to pull for position** Add quite a bit of load.
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Snatch 135/95
10 OH Walking Lunges 135/95
15 C2B Pull Ups
Optional Conditioning:
1 Mile Run (holding a pace that would be :10-:15 seconds slower that your PR)
Rest 5-10 Minutes
4x400m (Pace should be at 1mile PR pace -5 seconds, ie. 6:30 PR Mile, 1:25 400s)

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