The Dead Row

Workout of the Day:
A. 5min Run at easy pace
B. Deadlift 6×1 @90% 1RM ** Rest 2:30 Btw Efforts or Deadlift 4×4 @80% 1RM
* Rest 2min Btw Efforts.
C. Strict Pull Up Ladder 1-6 (rest as needed btw sets) **5 min cap**
D. 4x500m Row (make each interval faster, your last interval should be an All Out effort)
* Rest 2-3 minutes Btw Efforts.
* If you scored low reps on the dead lift test do rep scheme 2.
* If you scored high reps on the : test do rep scheme 1.
** Start the pull up ladder as soon as the strength portion is complete, do not wait for everyone else.
Push Press 3×3
Front Squat 3×3
Hang Power Clean 3×1 (these are just to get you fired up)
Every 2:30 for 20min Perform 1 Clean
%s 70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105 (same as monday)

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