The girls just keep coming…..

Oh my dear lord another girl has come up! I just want to give some props to the ladies that did 65 pounds today during “FRAN” it was just an incredible thing to witness. You guys are getting STRONG and I love it and I hope you love it too. Betty, who is Sheila’s mother, came in this morning and observed our 6am class and she said, “You have some really strong people here!” It was funny to hear her say that because she was watching her daughter, Hell Rizor and V-dog do “FRAN” this morning….see I am not the only one who thinks your strong. Other people are seeing it too. Anyone else comment on how strong you are? How does it feel? You like it? Dont believe it? Well wake up because you are…..enjoy your night and lets take down “ELIZABETH” tomorrow.
Squat Cleans #135, #95
Ring Dips

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