The HeyDames Letting Their Hair Down

This past Friday the HeyDames, an elite unit of Women CrossFitters of a certain age, met at Ginny’s “The WoMan Cave” to have wine and hang out. It was a raving success and the first of many get togethers, I’m sure. I’m not exactly sure what went down but…
When you work this hard you gotta play hard.
Workout of the Day:
AMRAP for 30 minutes:
200m Run
2 Rounds of Mary
5 Reps HSPU
10 Reps Pistols
15 Reps Pull-Ups
** Must be able to back squat your body weight 3x to do pistols or box pistols.
** Split squats or lunges can be subbed for pistols if back squat is not at that level yet.

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