The Journey Back To Fitness

Is treacherous. It is soooo not easy, but it is sooo worth it.
Imagine what’d be like to look back on who you were when you first started your journey to get healthy. What if you documented in a journal; the doubt, the pain, the insecurities, every workout and every juicy detail you had the ability to convey in writing to look back on?
Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?
It might look something like this:
Day 4
“He insisted all 100 be proper squats and didn’t hesitate to let me know when it was deteriorating into more of a squat  you might find in the wilderness when there are no outhouses…  I’m sure he would have described my form as something you would find IN the outhouse…  And , of course I felt like what you would find in the outhouse when I eventually finished…  Tough night…”
or after doing Helen you might scribble something like:
“Helen laughed at me and loudly….   Last night was an eye opener as to just how far south I have gone…  The road ahead will surely be an ugly one, but not as ugly as Helen herself….   I can’t wait to meet some of the other girls….”
We have some pretty interesting ups and downs as we fight the uphill battle to change our bodies and health and no doubt it makes for an interesting journey.
Well, Don Lords, one of the newest members of our CrossFit program, is on such a journey. And, the excerpts above are from his documentation of that journey.
He started a blog to chronicle his road back to (Yup, I’m gonna say it) his Heyday. In it he commits to paper everything he’s been doing since he began here a few weeks ago. I think it’s great and inspiring to watch him workout in the gym (as one of the ah’hem, “older” guys) and read his reflection on that workout experience.
I hope you all check it out here:
Now, onto the WOD
The WOD tomorrow is going to be a workout posted for the crossfit games. You will get to do it and know that hundreds of thousands of people are doing the same workout. It was supposed to post at 5pm today.
So I’ve been waiting for – Oh, I don’t know… 6 hours for the workout post. But… it’s not up, and so I post without a workout. I know, some of you can’t sleep not knowing what the workout will be. I don’t have that problem but I feel for you. 🙂
For one reason or another, they are late or are not posting for some technical difficulty. Whatever reason, you’ll just have to be surprised…
No… wait… it’s up! Here it is:
CrossFit Games Open 11.1
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches
The Power snatch loads are as follows:
Men: 75lbs
Women: 55lbs