The Slamdown

On July 12th we will be participating in a throwdown with CrossFit Signal Hill.
Don’t let the name fool you. It’s basically a gym WOD mixed with a taco truck and meeting new people. It’s a friendly competition for all levels so if you have any inkling to check it out take a gander at the link below:;
Workout of the Day:

22 Min AMRAP:
22 Reps Box Jumps (30″, 24″ no rebounds)
22 Steps BB Front Rack Walking Lunges (115#, 75#, wt to go 15-22 UB)
22 Reps Perpendicular Pull-Ups (each side is 1 rep)
200m Run
Bottom Tabata Squats
8 Rounds of 20 Secs Max Reps
10 Secs Rest
This is done with air squats, but in the rest time, you will hold AT PARALLEL in the bottom of the squat. It’s only 4 minutes so FIGHT!!!!

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