This Guy…

This guy two months ago could not climb that rope if his life depended on it. Last week he climbed it not once, but FIVE times in one workout!
This guy two months ago weighed 210lbs and is now 199lbs.
This guy two months ago could not power clean 75lbs without hurting himself and just the other day I watched him do 54 hang power cleans with 115lbs.
This guy told me he played a soccer game for the first time in two months with people he has played with before and was able to out play everyone due to his newly elevated fitness level. People asked him afterward, “what the hell have you been doing?!!?” answer: CrossFit
This guy has been busting his ass for the past two months and the work has paid off.
This guy leads by example and his name is Marcos and we like him. Keep up the hard work! 🙂
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400m
145 Pound Deadlift, 20 Reps
20 Push-Ups
145 Pound Deadlift, 10 Reps
10 Push-Ups

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