Thursday, April 18th

Workout of the Day
“3- Sets
6-8/arm Half Kneeling KB Press/arm @3111
30sec Wall Sit
Scapular Positional Strength and Active Mobility Work Prone Y’s on Floor – 12 reps (pause 2sec at top of each rep); rest 60sec x 2-3 sets”
A. RUMP PUMP COMPLEX x 3 sets, rest 60
Good Morning x 3 @3331
Kang Squat x 3 @3131
Back Rack Reverse Lunge x 4 rep @3111
B. Back Squat Every 3;30 x 4 sets
5 reps @42X1
“C1. Goblet Loaded Curtsy Step Down
6-8 ea leg x 2 sets”
“C2. DB Bench Press
6-8 reps @2121 x 2 sets”
“C3. Banded Tricep Push Down
15-25 Reps @20X0 x 2 sets”
D. 4 Sets
6-8 Pull Ups @30X0
40 Double Unders
10-12 Ring Push ups @30X0
Ass Bike 60sec @85% effort
rest walk 75sec btw sets
530 HIIT Class
“8 Sets
30sec (Coachs pick)
30 @easy pace
2:00 Recovery

“EMOM x 9
Min 1-10 Goblet Lunges
Min 2- 20 KB Swings
min 3- 15-20 Push Press w/KB
2;00 Recovery

“6 Sets
30sec (Coachs pick)
30 @easy pace”

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