30 Lean Summer Challenge

Hey Guys,

As you know a few weeks back we completed the Heyday Transformation Challenge. It was fifty days of structured eating for weight-loss or performance.

It was  (for the most part) a sustainable plan for losing weight that you could do indefinitely. The people who did it (and made it to the end) has amazing results. I will be showing you in some case-studies to come.

Many people wanted to do it but the timing wasn’t right and we reached a point where I turned some people away because we reached capacity.

When we started that challenge it was Valentines Day weekend. The year 2016 was just getting started.

Now June is a around the corner, and so is the Summer.

I know as school gets out, vacations get planned and lots of people will go out and try to diet themselves to get ready for a trip or wedding, etc.

“Vegas Dieting”. You know, people plan to go to a vegas poolside bachelorette party so in a fervor, they go on a cleanse in the hopes of getting bikini ready in 10 days.

It rarely does the trick and even if it does, it’s not the healthiest method.

Before summer gets into full swing I want to give you the opportunity to shed body fat but the right way.

No starving yourself.

No five-day juice cleanse.

I want to give you a 30-day Intensive to get in the as lean as possible by providing you with a step-by-step gameplan to get “Vacation-ready”.

Let’s face it, as the summer months come, you can feel a little nervous at the prospect of donning a bathing suit as all those summer trips you have lined up are quickly approaching.

I’ve put together an intense fat-loss program to help you do “get ready for summer

The plan as always will focus on getting lean NOT weight loss.

The difference:

One focuses solely on moving the number on the scale while the other focuses primarily on how you look in the mirror.

This plan is NOT designed to be sustainable. It’s designed to give maximum results before summer starts.

It’s like cramming for a final for belly fat.

You’ll still follow all the correct principles, but we turn up the heat on all of it.

Which means it will not be easy.

You will not be allowed to eat certain foods for 30 days.

You will not be allowed to drink.

You will track your food.

You will perform supplemental cardio and core program I make for you.

Only do this challenge if you read the above and said to yourself, “So what?! Im in.”

Think of this challenge as finals week. It’ll be a lot of work but when it’s over you’ll have earned the right to CELEBRATE.

Who should do this?

People like Liz and Amanda.

Liz and Amanda are getting married in July. They want to be in the best possible shape for it as possible so they will be doing this challenge.

They will be “shedding for the wedding”.

-Anyone with some body fat to lose and REALLY wants to get rid of it.

-Anyone willing to track their eating for 30 days.

-Anyone willing to give up certain foods (including alcohol) for an entire month.

-Anyone willing to eat the same foods over and over and be CONSISTENT.

-Anyone willing to following supplemental exercise routine (think ABS) I lay out for you.

-Anyone who wants a fast-track to looking the best they’ve looked in years.

If you have some special occasion or vacation that will make the 30-day sacrifice worthwhile, sign up. Know anyone with a wedding coming up, tell ’em about the challenge.

Who should not do this?

Don’t do this challenge if you’re kinda interested and want to try it to “get motivated“.

These challenges are not intended to “motivate” . They require monotony both in the kitchen and in the daily routine. If you’re not already dead serious about it (which is totally fine) this challenge will lose it’s luster after a week. I’ve see it a thousand times. Save your money for a longer-term more sustainable challenge in the future.

Don’t do this challenge if you if you want the weekends off.

It’s 30 days so there’s not a lot of room for slack.

Don’t do this challenge if you’re unable to track your food or (mostly) eat the required amounts.

i.e. meeting the Protein.

How to Participate:

$60 to participate ($97 for non-members) limited to 20 people.

Email ricky@heydaytraining.com to get put on the list.

Challenge goes from June 4th to July 4th

We’ll meet Saturday June 4th 11:30am

*We will not be body-fat testing.

Workout of the Day
A .Build to Heavy 1 Rep Sumo Deadlift
B1. Suitcase Carry 3x50m
B2. TGU 3×3 reps ea arm
10 Cal Row
10 Ring Row or Plank Pull
A .Every 2:00 for 10:00
Back Squat 4 Reps *add 2.5% from last week
B.Take 10:00 to work on Gymnastic or Mobility
10 Cal Bike
5 C2B Pull Up

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