To Helen Back…

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen.

April will be the start of our next challenge:

To Helen Back: Helen for the Health of it.

Now, originally I thought this was going to be a weight loss challenge, but honestly, I had a little problem with it and my PIC (partner in crime) had reservations as well.
For one, many of you guys at the gym have no weight to lose so this kind of leaves you out of all the fun.
But also, although many at the gym DO want to lose weight, we find a challenge built solely on weight-loss as its chief aim feels a bit like we’re missing the point.
We’ll leave weight-loss challenges for NBC reality TV.
We want the challenge to be a meaningful experience that leaves you better than when you started, not something that leaves you high on life and depressed a couple weeks later because the weight is back and nothing really changed.
So, what I ask is for you guys to enter this challenge ONLY after taking a good hard look.
What is holding you back?
You may say weight, but I’d say the weight is only a result of something else. Something deeper. The thing really holding you back.
Once you identify it, make that thing the focus of your challenge.
Too often we find ourselves yoyo-ing.
“Oh it’s New Year’s! I’m going on a diet” or “It’s summer, beach season! time to shed the holiday weight!”
We lose a few pounds, only to find ’em a few weeks later and look! He brought friends! 🙁
This is weight loss dependent on circumstance outside of ourselves, which means when things change, so does our body! Eff that. Don’t let your body change with the seasons, you’re not a cloud or a sitcom.
Don’t get me wrong. If you want to lose weight, great. Weigh in on April 10th and again on May 29th. But know, that the weight you lose is the weight that’s not coming back. It shouldn’t come back when it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, tax season, or spring break in Cabo.

You are great, so your body should reflect that everyday all year long!

Maybe you’re in a slump. You hit a wall. You have little motivation to push yourself (experiencing heavy WOD avoidance), you know you should feel great, but have this nagging feeling that leaves you cloudy, unenthusiastic, and a fierce desire to give your trainers the middle finger.
Make this challenge the slumpbuster. If you want to commit to me to eat healthier, change a few bad habits over the next 2 months. Tell me, I’ll hold you to it.
If you are on the threshold of getting your 1st pullups make Helen the first workout to do it! Resolve to get your pullup in this challenge.
So if you choose to enter this challenge, resolve to make it about something that will leave you better than when you found it.
This challenge is 7 weeks: April 10 – May 29th
$25 Buy-in to Compete for Best Helen Time Overall
Most Improved
Prize will be:

Saturday April 10th from 9am to 11am we will put everyone through Helen!

Be there or we will play Eddie’s Ipod for all of April’s WODs.

Thursday’s WOD
Burpee Box Jump
Push Jerk #105,#85


I want to use this post to make a special announcement. May is going to be my (Ricky) last month at Heyday. I was recently accepted into the Georgetown University MBA program. I have not mentioned anything because I was still undecided but after thinking very long and hard for several months I have decided to move forward with it.
I will move to Maryland late May and will begin a 2 year Masters Program. This was such a hard decision but I think it’s best. Thank you guys for all the great memories and allowing me to coach you and hopefully nudge you in the way of progress. Love all you guys!!
See you tomorrow.

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