What Doesn't Get Measured…

“What Doesn’t Get Measured, Doesn’t Get Managed.”
Tracking the heavy lifts.
Measuring the parts of your body you want to change.
Recording your WODs.
You gotta keep track of these things otherwise all your progress is just guesswork. It is SO easy to take a minute to write your benchmark workouts down and yet it makes a world of difference.
This week is a benchmark week so it’s especially important to record them. Don’t leave the board blank Yo.
I’ve never, EVER heard of any serious athlete or lifter that looked and performed great that didn’t have some form of measurement to track his or her progress.
Don’t work out just to work out. Give it purpose. Tracking helps you do that.

Also if you do a workout and happen to not be pleased with it, it is not cool to erase it from the board after we’ve written it down. Be patient with it, you’ll get better. You’ll have some days where you just don’t do all that well. That’s okay. 🙂
1RM Thruster
Benchmark WOD