Transformation: What Happens When You Go N.F.A

Some people workout and you can just tell there is a fire raging in their belly. You can see the determination in their eyes. Some always had it, some don’t. But sometimes, those who didn’t have it, change. Somewhere along the way (and this is my favorite) they flipped.
We hear stories like this all the time: Guy/Girl is sedentary most their life, pretty lazy, unhappy and not really doing anything about it. Then, something happens… Something changes.
Next thing you know, you barely recognize this person because the person you knew is a shadow of what this person became. They run, bike, swim, do everything and do it faster, longer and harder than you ever imagined. They ooze vitality, leaving you scratching your head saying what the hell happened to this guy?!
I’ll tell you what happened. They went NFA. They reached the point where they weren’t gonna take it anymore. No longer apathetic to their circumstances. They started pushing back.
We see someone like this and say:
Wow….They are Not F***ing Around
It’s a decision to no longer passively wait for things to happen or get easier. It’s a point where you get Dead Serious about where you want to be and decide to get there by any means necessary. Whatever it takes.
I LOVE seeing this happen to people.
People who are seemingly casual about the working out thing, sometimes whiny like a child, sometimes just… whatever.
Then, they get mad or disgusted or something because all of the sudden they come back from a 400m run and almost take me out. Their eyes no longer convey the God-please-let-this -be-over-agony they once had.
Now their eyes are blank, looking at nothing in particular because all thinking has been put on hold and all engery is single mindedly focused on making this WOD their jailhouse girlfriend.
Has this happened to you? Being a witness to this change is hands down the best part of being at Heyday.
Examples: Sara, Roxeanne, Sheila, Angie, Jenn, and Rebecca all did Helen today as Rx’ed. Compare this to when we had the Helen challenge where not one woman could do the workout as prescribed. Staggering. Susie pr’ed and she is next on the pullup list. Folks, the ladies here are serious.
So, I have a video for you. It’s from the movie Network made in the 70’s starring Peter Lynch who won an Oscar for this speech I’m about to show you.
It’s the perfect example of someone whose gone NFA.
Peter Finch is so powerful because for a while he sat back and tolerated. But on live television he lost it, infuriated with the current circumstance to the point of action he turned an uneasy scared community into a ravenous angry crowd ready to DO something.
At Indifference
At Apathy
At Laziness and Fear
He is utterly disgusted. And disgust is a powerful elixir for action.

Are you Mad? Are you not going to take it anymore?
It’s not the decision you make that’s important; It is the




With which you make the decision…
If you are hoping to change or evolve or transform, make sure you’re Not F**king Around.
Reminder: We are closed Friday and Saturday
30 minutes Handstand Progressions and practice
28 Box Jumps
28 Single leg Deadlift
200 m run
21 Box Jumps
21 Single leg Deadlift
200 m run
14 Box Jumps
14 Single leg Deadlift
200 m run
7 Box Jumps
7 Single leg Deadlift