Tuesday, April 16th

Workout of the Day
“2 Sets NFT –
20X1 x 6-8 reps/leg Lateral Box Step Down
rest 30sec
10m Lateral Band Walk
rest 30sec
band Clamshell Side Plank Isometric x 30sec/side
rest 60”
A. Abduction Bias RNT Goblt Squat
2 x 6-8 reps/side @4111 rest 60sc btw legs (light load)
B. Box Squat
5,5,5,5 @21X1 rest 2min
*increase load each set- make only the last set tough- box height is such that when seated thighs are parallel to floor
C. 3-5 sets increasing effort per set
10 DB Thrusters 50/35
rest 15sec
10 DB Burpees 50/35
rest 15sec
Sled Push 20m tough
rest 15sec
Bike or Ski 60sec
*Every set increase the number of Calories you get on the Assault Bike and increase the speed of your DB burpees *If your movement quality remains high and you are able to continue to increase your pace on each set, continue to 4 or 5 sets. Otherwise if quality or pace drops, terminate after set 3.
Tuesday Upper
“ATV’s 2 x 8ea with 2sec Pause
Banded Pass Through 2 x 20
Shoulder flexion x 60-90sec ea arm”
“5 attempts to find 1 Rep Max Strict Press
3 x 8-10 Pin Press
3 x 10 Russian Dips
rest 90sec btw
*russian Push Ups as progression or seated Russian Dips”
10 Incline DB Press
5 Strict Pull Up
5 ea SA Landmine Roll Outs”
150 Banded Pull Aparts