Tuesday, August 13th

Workout of the Day

A1. Box Squat (to Parallel)
10-10-10 @2X11

A2. Alt KB Row From Sumo Stance 3 x 20 Reps
A3. Leg Raise + Pulse 3 x 1-3 Reps
*rest 30-45 seconds btw each station,
C. 3 Rounds Not For Time
Heavy Farmer Carry x 40m
Heavy Sled Push or Yoke Carry x 40m
DB Bench Press x 12 Reps
SLRDL x 3-5 Reps *use KBs
*this should take around 20minutes to complete, attempt heavier loads and rest as needed btw stations
530PM Max Effort Upper Conjugate
500m Ski @1:45/2:05
Shoulder Cars x 1;00 ea side
Elbow Cars x 1;00 (same Time)
2 Rounds
Duck Walk x 10m
DB prontate+supinate x 10 ea way
DB ext Rotation x 10 ea
DB Fly x 15
Find 5 Rep Max Incline Bench Press *5 Attempts
5 x 40sec Push ups (20sec down + 20sec Up)
AMRAP 12-15
Skull Crusher w/BB x 15 reps
Heavy Farmer Carry x 40m
Wide Grip Push Ups x 10
3 x 30 each side Banded Oblique Rotations