Tuesday, August 20th

Workout of the Day
A1. Trap Bar Deadlift 10-10-10 @2X11 A2. Single Arm Upright KB Row 8-10 Reps A3. Leg Raise + Pulse 10-15 Reps *rest 30-45 seconds btw each station,
B. 2-3 Rounds Not For Time (20:00 Cap) 1000m Row 100m Sled (empty) 100m Farmer Carry 10 Alt DB G2OH *challenging weight for DB
530PM Max Effort Upper Conjugate
500m Ski @1:45/2:05 Shoulder Cars x 1;00 ea side Elbow Cars x 1;00 (same Time) 2 Rounds Duck Walk x 10m DB prontate+supinate x 10 each way DB ext Rotation x 10 ea DB Fly x 15
Find 5 Rep Max Incline Bench Press *5 Attempts 3 x MAX Push ups in 60sec rest 90sec
AMRAP 12-15 Inverted BB Row x 15 reps Heavy Farmer Carry x 40m Incline Tate Press x 10 (*attempt to add weight to FC)
2×25 GHDSU