Twelve Eleven

Workout of the Day:
A. Every 45sec x10-x1 Box Jump.
Don’t worry about box height, work on jumping high.
B. Max Repetition Push Ups
Cadence requires a legit 1 count at the top and bottom of each rep.
Three sets.
Rest 3 minutes between efforts.
C. 3min Easy Row
Then EMOM 4min Sprint 20sec @90%
Rest 3min
500m Sprint Trial
A. Accumulate 60m Handstand Walk Throughout Session
* Try for 10m increments and add a 180 degree turn at the end of the 10m.
B1. L-Sit to Lever x 2-3 “Good” Reps Only
Progress with tuck and single leg levers.
B2. Prone Front Raise x10 Reps (hold for 10sec last rep)
Four sets
Rest as needed btw.
C. Hip-Back Ext 2x 15-20 Reps (shooting for over 15 this week)
D. Reverse Sled Drag 4x50m Moderate Weight 225/155
(Do these in the street, relay style 3 to a sled, not for intensity)

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