Two Jerks

Workout of the Day:
Warm Up:
2×10 Pass Through
2x (30sec work/30sec rest) DB Push Press @2x10DB
A. 2 Strict Press
2 Push Press
2 Jerk
* Start at 75/55 and add 5lbs until failure.
B. Three Sets of Max Reps BW Bench Press or 67% 1RM. Rest 60sec Btw Attempts
C1. 3×25 GHDSU
C2. Earthquake Bar Carry 3 x 10m
Warm Up and Set Stations Up
Then, With a 30min Clock, Teams of 3 complete 5 minutes of:
1. Max Reps 15’ Rope Climbs
2. Sled Push for Total Meters, Average BW of Team Members
3. Tire Flip
4. Assualt Bike for Max Cals
5. Handstand Walk for Total Meters
6. Row for Max Cal
** One athlete works at a time, switch anytime.

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