Umm 7:30 People… Where Are You???

Here is my man Blake, he is new for those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting him, working out all by himself at 7:30 for the second time this week!!! He needs a PIC (Partner In Crime) can someone out there help a brotha out? Oh, he only comes Monday, Wednesday and Friday FYI…
Ok party people, I need to ask a favor. If you have received an invite for our News Years Eve Part-ay will you please respond.? We need to get a head count and see who is bringing what foods. Heyday will be providing the main course, which will be awesome, so do not worry about that. I think the invite asks that you bring booze, appetizers, or dessert. Easy right? Help a sista out and make her life easy, please respond to her evite. Also if you have not gotten an evite and you would like one then you can e mail Jenn Ball at ; She is really nice and pretty and she will take care of you, if you know what I mean. 🙂
I know your sore and so am I, so tomorrows WOD will be to find your 1 rep max back squat. Then, you may leave or do some mobility or just hang out with some really cool people for an hour. See all you super strong cool people mañana!
Find 1 Rep Max Back Squat