Watch This and Live to Be 100

I recently came across a video that I think is pretty incredible in the value and insight it gives us towards living healthy lives. I mean, that is the point of what we’re doing here, RIGHT?
The video is a talk given by Dan Buettner and his research on centenarians (100+ year olds). He searched all over the world to find populations and cultures that had the highest numbers of centenarians, calling them “blue zones”.
By the way these aren’t people just getting to 100, but getting there and thriving and living the way people half their age wouldn’t dare. I’m talking cultures of people that had super-senior-citizens skydiving, running marathons, riding motorcycles, completing construction projects I would find hard!
He found 4 such populations and among them detailed the lifestyle that each led. He then found 9 common characteristics to all the super-population.
His contention was that Americans, due to our all-too-often gluttonous, slothful lifestyles, suffer quite needlessly, disease and yank at least 10 years of disease-free life from our grasp.
Watch and learn to be 100…

Be on the lookout for our gym modeling such lifestyle traits more in the future. I will be making an email series teaching you how to implement principles into your life that promote a very, very, long and happy life. 🙂

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