We All Need A Little Grace

I’ve been back at the gym for a week now and I’ve noticed some really good things have happened with the people here at Heyday.

  1. Someone has a free Toyota Camry compliments of me. I’m very generous. 😉
  2. Milca Rivera has lost 7 pounds since she’s started. 1 month
  3. Marcos is down to 202lb from 212lb in about 3 weeks
  4. Shelly has lost 25lbs and her Blood Pressure, which had been up, is now back to normal because of exercise.
  5. Patti McCann has lost 12lbs and her cholesterol went from 311 (a year ago) to 202!
  6. Rebecca PR’d in her clean and jerk: 135lb
  7. Angie and Roxanne PR’d in Helen by 4 minutes
  8. Matt PR’ed in Fran with a 5:05
  9. Rob and Jared PR’ed in Deadlift
  10. Eddie PR’d… wait who cares, doesn’t he always PR??

The benefits of exercise are undeniable.
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30 Clean & Jerks for time #135