We are CrossFit Heyday

It’s been a while since I put more than a few words of inspiration on the blog, so I figured I would spew forth some encouraging words to y’all.
As we reach the transition to an “Bona Fide” CrossFit gym I’ve been thinking alot about what we do here and what we’re gonna be about as we try to etch a unique place of our own within the CrossFit Community.
It’s about why we do what we do.
There are 2 truths that lye at the core of what we do and dictate our attitudes toward training.
1. You become what you do– If you are constantly in a state of push, enduring things like pain, frustration and discomfort then you become increasingly, like your poor hands, calloused and, dare I say, impervious. To be clear, pain, frustration and discomfort do not go away, but rather the things that used to make you feel this way will no longer take hold. They no longer have control.
2. You become who you hang around– Yes, guilty by association. If you surround yourself by people who seem to be walking clods of grievances and ailments, then, you my friend become highly susceptible to those ailments and a nasty melodramatic disposition I call whine-flu. Conversely, hanging around buoyant, durable hard-working individuals will expose you to an effervescent of resilience that will slowly, but surely, consume and become you.
If the path of settle-for-less-going-through-the-motions devoid of genuine commitment is not for you, then you are for us.
Do you have heart?
Are you willing to throw your former self on the fire and go through this process of change?
After that workout today, I’m going to say Hell Yes!!
Amrap 15
3 Deadlift #225/#185
3 Handstand Push Up
30 second L Hang