We Did It!

The event this Saturday went great! We are so happy to have put together something that was received so well. I am proud to have shown so many people how we do things here in San Pedro and at Heyday.
Our little Port Town got to showcase some great athletes as well as give an opportunity for runners, walkers and roller to race together.
We are proud of our team who represented us in the competition and although we didn’t fare as well as we’d liked, we as coaches are proud of the performance and heart we saw last Saturday.
Repeatedly I was told how great the event was and it felt good to hear after all of the work it took.
The months leading up to the event were incredibly challenging but if there is one thing I know now more than ever it’s that Heyday is full of people who contribute so much. It’s unbelievable.
If you found yourself thinking at any moment that the event was well run and organized, you can thank two people who worked really hard to out the event together:
Crystal Angulo Petrich and Lauryn Maes.
Last year after our event was over I was approached by Crystal and she said she wanted to be involved and had some ideas about how to get enter next year.
She worked her butt off to make a tightly organized event. Lauryn has been with this event since the beginning before she even knew what CrossFit was. It was her idea to join up with LRO and we’re very glad we did.
Those two girls brought a level of agency that was vital to our success and they did so simply because of the cause. Please congratulate them.
We also want to thank Kevin Bingham, Sandra Ciaramataro and the staff at Joe Buscaino’s office (all Heyday crossfitters). They sponsored many of the costs of the event but more importantly they fought to make this event happen because let me tell you, closing down streets, getting special event permits, and red tape and entire paper trail is not a simple or easy task.
Emily and Rita for orchestrating a much more organized scoring system. It is NO EASY task.
Thanks to John for photographing all day long and getting some amazing shots!
Thanks to Matt for injecting the competition with wit and humor to make the spectating much more engaging than many are used to.
Thanks to Ralph our amazing graphic artist and DJ. He designs every flyer poster and shirt we do.
Thanks to Erica Gutierrez for getting water donated and helping us promote the event.
Thanks to Atilio Murga from Crossfit Huntington Beach for filming all day.
Thanks to the loading crew who devoted ungodly early hours to loading and assembling our equipment and stage.
Thanks to the judges who spent hours counting and “no-repping” which is a very tough thankless job.
Thanks to the volunteers who showed up early and stayed late to help things run smoothly, on time, and clean.
Thanks to Stephanie Stramotas for an amazing rendition of the National Anthem.
Thanks to Martina Paradiso for rallying the west side CrossFit community to join us here in the South Bay and rallying her connections to come to our event.
Thanks to Shelley Smith who put our press release out there and got us on the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, MSN, Perez Hilton, and basically helping the event go viral.
Thanks to Josh Stecker for helping promote the event with his story on us.
Thank you to Sand Section and Warehouse 1 for putting on great performances and donating their time and talent to our event.
Thanks to Brian Mcelhoes and his company Harbor Insurance. They contributed $2000 to help this event happen.
Thanks to Lauryn’s aunt Diane Chavez for helping us get Jesse to Pedro, providing volunteers food, and spreading the word about the event.
Thanks to Brandon Gutierrez and his company BG Surfboards. They provided the amazing trophies, and stunning surfboard and artwork for the event.
Thanks to my family, Eddie’s family, Lauryns family, who filled in, volunteered, donated, and were there to support in any way.
Jesse Billauer and his Girlfriend Sam Pearson were behind the event from the moment they heard our idea. We made a really good team with the LRO organization and they did all they could to see this events success. To have Matt Reeve and Jason Mraz at our little event is a testament to that.
We have yet to go over donations but thank you so much for parting with your hard-earned money to support the cause.
I’m not a fan of the phrase self-made. In fact, I think it’s BS. Every time we’ve done something worthwhile it is only because people wenT out of their way to help. This event is an example of that. It was absolutely not possible without the contributions of you all.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Hopefully next year I can lose my voice AFTER the competition.
Five Sets Of:
Hang Snatch + Snatch
Rest 20 seconds
Tall Box Jumps 5 Reps (Rest 5 seconds between jumps)
*** Rest 2 minutes between sets.
For Time:
300m Run (Stop Sign and Back)
10 Burpees
15 Pull Ups
20 OHS 95/65
15 Pull Ups
10 Burpees
300m Run

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