Whose Ready for Rowga?

For years, Heyday has offered yoga classes on Saturday mornings, because we understand the importance of training the entire person.  And good training not only means running, biking, weightlifting, and pushing your body to the limit.  It also means maintenance, care, flexibility, and recovery.

In February, Ed and I decided to pilot a new training program; one that we say “capitalizes on Aspi’s unique skill set.”
ROW-GA was born.
In conjunction with the Heyday 6-week transformation challenge, Aspi began teaching a rowing technique / yoga class.  ROW-GA combines the endurance and strength-stamina of competitive rowing with the flexibility-focus and conscious breathing of Vinyasa Yoga.  Classes are taught by placing participants in teams – so athletes move back and forth between sweating on the erg and the yoga flow.
The reception has been exceptional.
ROW-GA works for a number of different reasons.  Beginning CrossFitters have the opportunity to participate in a team-oriented, low-impact workout that elevates the heart-rate and addresses problem areas of the body or injuries that may impede progress in areas of CrossFit.
The workouts feature interval training ideals for athletes who have weigh-loss goals.  Even advanced and competitive CrossFitters have said their rowing scores have improved as a result of the attention to rowing technique as well as the emphasis on breath control and flexibility.
Due to its popularity, we have decided to offer more ROW-GA classes to Heyday’s class schedule.  Sign up at the Kiosk or on Mindbody Connect for any or all of the following class times:
**After two weeks there will be a minimum 4 person attendance so sign up!

Workout of the Day
A . Rear Delt Warm Up
Incline T x10
Incline Y x10
Incline I x10
Followed by Tricep/lat Opener
B. Strict Press (2) + Jerk
6 Sets
C. Complete 4 Rounds For Time:
10 Cal AsBike
5 TnG Power Clean
**Rest 2min, Build load as lond as speed and form are maintained

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