Wednesday, May 30th

Workout of the Day
A. Every 2:00min for 10:00min(5 Sets):
3 Forward Rolls + 8 Burpees + 12 Alternating DB Tripod Rows 2×15/10kg
B. 2 Sets of:
1:00min Leg Press
Rest as needed.
Instead of a leg press you can take a partner holding a plate in front of him, leaning with the plate against your feet.
C. In 1-3 Sets find heaviest SB for:
40m SB Carry(turn at 20m)
D. Target Reach Jumps(jump from both feet):
Split up into groups and set up a few stations with a ring hanging from a high bar.
One after each other performs a jump and touches the ring.
After everyone of the group is done, raise the hight of the ring.
Compete for the highest jump.

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