Wednesday Teamwork

Speaking of teamwork,
I need a favor…
Every year the daily breeze runs a popularity contest naming the best places in the south bay in which we have either placed second or first place for a few years running. The only criteria to win (sadly) is to get the most votes. But in my biased (but accurate) opinion  we are the best gym in our little slice of the world. So, if we have to garner a few votes to show that, then so be it.
Heres how you can help:
1. Go to this link:
2. Enter your email and press submit.
3. On the next page choose the place is category and enter Heyday Elite Fitness under best Fitness Health club 
4. Enter the names of other business you feel deserve the “Best Of” Award
Heres who we recommend 🙂
– John Mattera Photography
– Fleur De Lys (Nova and Marks Flower shop)
– Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness (Ante and Michelle’s studio)
– Sandwich Saloon
Ya know, since they all happen to get their WOD;s on at Heyday. They are out brothers and sister in sweat. 😉
Thanks in advance.
Tomorrow I will have my iPad with me so you can vote right after your WOD 🙂
Workout of the Day:
A. 12 minutes to Build to a Tough 1 Rep Clean + Split Jerk
B. Teams of 3-4
120 Calories AD (switch every 10)
100 Wall Balls
80 KBS
60 Burpee
40 Pull Ups
20 Wall Walks
A. Row
4 x 500m Row, Rest 2 min (hold same split, these should be fast and hard)
B. Strength
1. Axel Bar Clean and Press 4, 3, 3, 2, 2 (Go Heavy)
2. Deadlift 4 x 2-4 Reps (build from previous week, if you used the axel bar keep it)
D. Accessory Work
1. Sled March 10m (heavy)
2. Single Leg RDL 3×3-5 Reps/ Leg (build weight from last week)

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