What Can You Do Now That You Couldn't Do Before?

Some amazing things are happening….
People are hitting personal records. Angie Deadlifted over 250 lbs. Jennifer did 18 pullups, at once.
Today I saw a 13 year old girl execute the power clean beautifully. Good. Lord.
And this is only the first checkpoint…. Guys you are setting the bar pretty high for yourselves. It’s incredible and makes me excited to see people beat the records they set today in 8 weeks and at every succeeding checkpoint. Imagine the progress.
I have a favor. I want you to think hard about this question…

What Can You Do Now That You Couldn’t Do Before?

Is it a pullup? a power clean? Run a Mile without hospitalization? Or something more like Feeling Sexy in a smaller Pair of Jeans? (that’s me)
Be a good sport and get those fit little fingers typing. I wanna know. It inspires others to do the same so brag, gloat, and boast in the tiny comment box below. Go head. Do it. I’ll be waiting next time I see to pat you on the back.
Thanks In Advance.
P.S This means not only Sarah, Deb, Sheila (who always comment bless their hearts) but everyone 🙂
By the way I constantly come across cool stuff on the internets and feel the need to share so if you like check out another very interesting article…
How Underdogs Can Win
Written By The Tipping Point and Blink author Malcom Gladwell explain how David beat Goliath by substituting effort for ability—and substituting effort for ability turns out to be a winning formula for underdogs in all walks of life. Historically when underdogs take a unconventional strategy than the stronger opposition they have the upper hand as is proven in the countless lop-sided battles of our past.