What Yoda Can Teach You About Olympic Lifting

Read this article. 🙂 It’s cool.
It’s funny because I see it happen to a lot of you guys in the gym… usually when I trick you into thinking the bar is lighter than it really is. 🙂
Jedi Mind trick for training
5 Muscle Ups
10 Air Squats
200m Run
4 Muscle Ups
20 Air Squats
200m Run
3 Muscle Ups
30 Air Squats
200m Run
2 Muscle Ups
40 Air Squats
200m Run
1 Muscle Ups
50 Air Squats
200m Run
***If your name is Rick, then you have to double the Muscle-Ups.
*** If you cannot do a Muscle-Up, then you can do 1 Ring Dip and 1 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up.

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