Why Are The Little Ones So Dang Good At Squatting?

Henry Rizor, tough life, playing with his uncle and squatting-
I laughed as I watched my baby nephew hold that squat you see there for about 5 minutes, he seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly, could have been due to that fact that he was pooping but that is besides the point. Why are kids so good at that? No not pooping, SQUATTING!  Maybe its because thats what are bodies were meant to be able to do when we popped out? Maybe we just forgot how, you know growing up in all, we forget a lot of stuff. Such as cartwheeling, flipping, rolling, and for some Pogs.
Its tough trying to re-instill all those things that at one point in our lives came so natural. A lot of you know this because I have asked you try a cartwheel and you looked at me like I was crazy. Its funny, I asked Bryan when was the last time he did a cartwheel because I saw Stevie doing them around the gym the other day and he said, “yeah I did cartwheels like twenty years ago.”
I dont really know where I am going with this whole thing but my little nephew sparked it and I liked it. Next time you see some kids playing, you should hang out and watch them a bit, you may learn something.
Single Leg Squatting and Single Leg Deadlift
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