Wanna Know What's Worse Than a Bad Workout?

It’s Friday at about lunchtime.
The clock is ticking till the end of the day… and the start of the weekend.
The beckoning of a nice cold beer or glass of wine is whispering oh so gently into your ear.
I just want this (stressful) week to be over…
Only a few more hours.
But there’s also another voice isn’t there? Actually it’s more of a incessant nag.
It’s telling you; You need to workout today..
You know…. because you told yourself you would…
It’s been a looonggg week. Deadlines, kids, taxes… all the other sh*t on your plate. It gets to be a little much sometimes.
And yet, that voice keeps poking and prodding. You’re not gonna blow it off again are you?
I had a pretty awful workout the other day.
I was not into it to begin with. Couldn’t get warm. No “runners high” ….no endorphins…. no strength… nothing but aches and blahhhh.
The weekend-guilt doesn’t help and in those times it’s hard to get a good workout and sometimes it just sucks.
But you know the *only thing* worse than a bad workout?

For every HELL-YA-I’M-AWESOME!!! workout, I had about 3 this-sh*t-sucks workouts.
Yes, they come in seasons.
There will be long stretches of time where I feel super pumped to hit the gym, eat right, you know that whole thing.
I wish they’d last. But they don’t.
Then there are the long why-do-I-even-bother-completely-over-it phases.
They seem like they’ll never end. But they do.
And in spite of it all….Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the gym I go.
Because the only thing worse than going to the gym unmotivated is NOT going to the gym unmotivated.
It virtually guarantees I will sink further into a rut.
Some people never get out of those ruts. They stay stuck forever.
Constantly looking back saying; “if I’d only stuck with it, I’d be there by now….”
The only way to end a rut is the same way you build a home.
Brick by brick.
Day by day.
Keep showing up. Keep doing your part…even when it sucks. *Especially* when it sucks.
Stop getting in your way.
So as the weekend approaches and you know you need to get your sweat on stop talking yourself out of it.
You’re a doer remember?
So, go home and then go to the gym… or grab a timer. Hit the deck right in your living room. 15-20 minutes is all you need. Rest easy this weekend knowing you did what needed to be done.
The *You* —one year from now—- will thank you for it.
Workout of The Day
“Crossfit Total”
Find 1 Rep Max Of:
Shoulder Press
45 Minutes to Complete
15 Minutes a Movement

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