Yes, It's That Time Again… Benchmark WOD!!!

JP first out of the gate! Way to work man…
Alright guys it that time again…Benchmark WODs this week, we are starting with Fran and you can expect to see at least two more fine ladies this week.
Also congratulations to Blake Kroo and Jared Nizich and also Handsome Rob for all getting PR’s in their deadlifts! Maybe those dynamic lifts we did the other week worked after all. 🙂 Way to go boys! They are the only three that I know of getting PR’s on Friday.
Also we will be having a gymnast field trip Monday night. If you would like to go to the gymnastics gym Monday, we will be leaving at 6:30pm. Make sure you meet at the gym if you want to go. It’s a lot of fun and they have instructors to help you guys out and soft floors for when you fall down. So come join us for some new fun and get out of your comfort zone!
Our lovely “Fran” will be the first of many ladies this week.

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